6 reasons to marathon or not an anime!

What is the best way to see an anime? All at once or very slowly? Are you the type who expects to release every episode and watch it all at once, or can you stand to see some mincemeat every week? Let’s face it, each experience is unique, and the way you watch an anime can totally change your impression of the work!

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1° No interruptions, no getting lost!

So the anime is entering the end of an arc, now things start to make sense, isn’t it? Yeah, and it’s when everything starts to fall into place that the episode ends. And now? Well, now just next week… After a week of waiting, in anticipation, the episode comes out, and you look like “Who are you?” seriously, this is horrible. I’m not kidding, sometimes I watch so many animes in the season that I don’t even remember where I left off with one of them, and sometimes a week seems so long, that actually some element or other ends up getting lost in this desert that’s a week ago.

2nd So fast that it goes right through…

But when we’re marathoning anime things are different, isn’t it? Exactly, sometimes it’s one episode after another, no time to create theories, no conspiracies, let’s just get down to the facts! And we go so fast, so thirsty for the pot, that we end up ignoring several elements, we run over one scene or another, and frustratingly spoil our experience completely, sometimes it’s even necessary to go back an episode or two to understand a scene or recall one. character that once had little importance but is now essential to the plot.

3° No weather break!

But we have to admit that even when the thing is not so cryptic or complicated to understand, still some anime episodes end in scenes so shocking, that there should be some punishment in the form of law for the studio that does such meanness to our hearts, no and even? It’s at the moment when someone is going to die, when the protagonist reappears after training, when the new power will finally emerge, that’s when the episode ends. Seriously, the good thing about marathoning the episodes is that you calmly move on to the next episode and maybe even cut the opening to get right to the point!

4th banal experience…

But I need to tell you something, friend! Watching anime too fast sucks. You have to know the right speed for the right anime. The impact that the works left on me marks a little of my feeling! The faster I saw it, the faster I forgot! One anime I can name is True Tears (Googled the name, didn’t remember). I saw this anime in one afternoon, all episodes in a row (including in the company of Natalia’s kisses); the fact is that it was so fast that we saw the anime, that even today it’s as if I hadn’t seen it; but is the anime good? It’s not either, but I’m sure at least I would have remembered the name of the anime if I hadn’t swallowed it so fast! And I’ve seen other animes at that speed; I can say: I don’t even remember the name to mention here. Unfortunately, seeing fast also means forgetting quickly,

5th You will not die of expectations

But of course for every negative point, there is a positive one, isn’t there? The good thing is that your heart will suffer less with the anticipation of the release of the next episode! This expectation is cruel, and sometimes it even ends up playing a trick on us! You wait all week, when the release day comes, for whatever the hell it is, the wretched episode is cancelled. Including; will it be how often does Golden Week occur? I’m told it’s once a year, but it seems like every time I need to watch an urgent episode!

6th When it’s over, depression comes!

Finally, a great reason to go easy on anime, and watch it at a reasonable speed, is that some anime won’t mark you if you watch it too fast, others will leave you depressed! If you’ve ever marathoned an excellent anime, one that really puts you on the side of the protagonist, that anime that actually involves you in the plot, then I’m sure that after watching all its episodes you ran to read the manga, and in the end it was looking at nothing with a hell of an existential crisis! It’s already happened to me. 

You get so involved with the proposed world, that you almost believe you have the same possibilities as the characters, and in the end, you find yourself alone, without that world, and now knowing that NEVER AGAIN you will see that universe you’ve become so attached to. I’ve been through this many times on my Otaku walk,

Is that you? How are you doing huh? Marathon or not? Answer me the question below:

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