Best Incest Anime of All Time

It was just a common and normal post I always do, anime tips. I had the idea of ​​posting this theme because it is controversial and has several animes with this genre and recommend it to people who like it and have difficulty finding good stories of this type.
but after a few years, like mid 2021 (whore 3 years later) this post started getting a lot more hits than usual. 
Like, there are even comments, a difficult thing to have here on the blogger. There were all kinds of comments, people calling each other sick for watching this genre. People defending the genre, which in my opinion is a bit exaggerated… But anyway… There were also normal people like me, who watch for the crap itself ( that feeling that will give shit, and what will happen after that ksksksk), even because one of my favorite genres is drama.
anyway, my opinion about .
The incest theme is not normal. Non-animes bring this as a way of trying to soften the impact that this practice makes, the intention is not that. It’s just a form of entertainment.
 People have tastes, quirky at times, and the Japanese market, which is already super strange in some genres, uses this to its advantage to attract an audience that maybe can be big enough to earn a good  buck. Even because Japanese is a being who likes the strange ( no need to mention tentacles, unnecessary ecchi women  monsters and everything else )
 It doesn’t mean that whoever  consumes this genre will  practice incest, ( ok… there are psychopaths who see it because there really is this reversal, but this has nothing to do with anime influences ). It’s the same thing saying that I’m going to start beating a thug on the street after I saw BOKU NO HERO , or kill someone after seeing ANOTHER, KOUTETSU NO KABANERI  or any other anime. ( or that I’m going to get a boyfriend seeing shoujo TT )  it’s up to each person. 
The fact of watching, recommending, it’s because it’s something that surprises, that’s an essential factor  in an anime, surprise, plotwist… anyway.
I hope you enjoyed the post. And you  What do you think of the incest theme in anime  comment below.

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