Boruto Episode 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227 Judul, Tanggal Rilis, Ringkasan Terungkap

Boruto Episode 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227 Judul, Tanggal Rilis, Ringkasan Terungkap

Now with the end of the Kawaki Arc, the Boruto anime returns with its original arc “Chunin Re-examination Arc” where the young shinobi of the Leaf Village are given another chance to become full-fledged chunin. The decision was taken by Naruto due to a recent incident that highlighted the need for more qualified ninja.

Recently Twitter user @AnafLinks shared the titles of the upcoming Boruto episodes 222, 223, 224, 225 and 226. The episode titles give us a quick overview of what will happen in the episode.

Upcoming Boruto Anime Episode Titles Episode 222: “The Night Before the Decisive Battle” Episode 223: “Inojin VS Houki” Episode 224: “The Legend of the Monster Cat” Episode 225: “A Battle Between Close Friends” Episode 226: “Samurai VS Kagaku Fight” # BORUTO

So in this article we will discuss Boruto Episode 222-226 where we will discuss everything related to it such as release date, spoilers and episode summaries.

Boruto Episode 222 “The Eve Before The Decisive Battle”, Tanggal Rilis: 31 Oktober 2021

Episode 222 of Boruto will be released on October 31, 2021 wherein the final round of the Chnin Exams will begin where the individual shinobi will fight against each other.

Summary: The final exams of the Chuunin Exams have been announced: The format is individual combat. Last time, there weren’t many candidates left for the final exam. But this time, Boruto and many comrades from the same genin class have succeeded. Each of them was very determined and started to make their final preparations. Among the finalists were Team 7 – who had a track record of top rankings –, a member of Team 10, and Izuno Wasabi – who had put a lot of effort into his mission even in the absence of Kakei Sumire.

In addition, the testing rules have changed: The use of homemade Scientific Ninja Weapons is allowed. Kaminarimon Denki and Kurogane Tsubaki – a foreign exchange student samurai from the Land of Iron – and the other finalists have devoted themselves completely to the development and refinement of their own Scientific Ninja Weapons. So, there will be many tough new enemies in the final test. Some fierce battles are about to unfold.

Boruto Episode 223 “Inoji vs Houki”, Release Date: November 7, 2021

The next Boruto episode titled “Inojin vs Houki” is scheduled for release on November 7, 2021. As the title suggests, this episode will focus on the dual between Inojin and Houki. For those who have forgotten who he is, Houki is a boy who looks like Kakashi and wears a ninja headband in the same way.

Summary: Finally, the final exams have begun. The first round of the individual fights will be the fight between Yamanaka Inojin and Taketori Houki. Houki and his comrades from Team 25 had been on missions with the ANBU until now – which were rare and common even among their comrades. That was why Inojin had no idea what Houki was planning, or what tricks Houki might have. To get things started quickly, Inojin skillfully uses the Super Beast Imitation Drawing – which is a Jutsu that Inojin is skilled at. He was then able to push Houki into a corner.

However, Houki waited for the opportunity to use his Jutsu. Suddenly, Inojin completely lost sight of her enemy’s whereabouts and the situation changed. Who will be the winner in the end…!? Meanwhile, Boruto and Mitsuki are heading to the final exam venue, as they are supposed to be participating in it. On the way, they happened to see some suspicious looking people and decided to go after them.

Boruto Episode 224 “The Legend of Monster Cat”, Release Date: November 14, 2021

Boruto – Boruto: Naruto Generasi Selanjutnya

The next episode will focus on Wasabi from Team 15. We still don’t know much about this episode as to who the opponents will be, so it’s better to wait for spoilers for more information than make wild guesses.

Boruto Episode 225 “A Battle Between Close Friends”, Release Date: November 21, 2021

With the next episode, we will return to the Chnin Exams where two close friends we don’t know will face each other to become chunin. Maybe Chocho vs Sarada or Boruto vs Metal Lee.

The episode will air on November 21, 2021, and will be available on Crunchyroll.

Boruto Episode 226 “The Samurai vs Kaguka”, Release Date November 28, 2021

Episode 226 is slated for release on November 28, 2021, and as the title suggests, the episode will show us the fight between n exchange students Tsubaki Kurogane from the Land of Iron and Denk

Boruto Episode 227 “TBA”, Release Date: December 5, 2021

We don’t know much about episode 227 but with the previous episodes it looks like this episode will feature the long awaited battle of Boruto. We will update the article once we get the title and synopsis. Who do you think will be his opponent in the final? Is it Mitsuki or Metal Lee?

Where to Watch Online?

You can watch the latest and previous Boruto episodes on crisp, VRV, IE in the original Japanese with embedded English subtitles. In the meantime, you can watch the English dubs through Funimation and Animelab but they are currently way behind schedule, so it will take a while for these episodes to be dubbed.

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