Did James Drury wear a toupee?


James Drury is one of the best-known actors in television history. He started as a child and has appeared in many different shows over the years. 

Drury played two separate characters on The Virginian, both with his hair. One character wore a toupee and the other did not. 

If James Drury wore a toupee throughout his career as an actor, then read on for some information about this topic.

James Drury did not wear a toupee.

James Drury was born with a full head of hair and was known for his red hair throughout his career. 

He even played an Irishman in A Hard Day’s Night (1964), where he was seen sporting this signature look. 

The Virginian is another show that starred another popular TV actor at the time: Richard Crenna as John “Sully” Sullivan, who also sported red locks.

It’s safe to say James Drury never wore one either, but if he had done so, it would have been because they were popular during that period when many people wore wigs or toupees due to their lack of proper hygiene.

James Drury had his head of hair as an actor in the Virginian.

James Drury was a popular actor in the Virginian who appeared in many movies and television shows. 

He played several different characters, but he was most known for his role as Adam Cartwright on the series Bonanza.

He also had hair like a man should have: long, red hair. James Drury never wore a toupee or fake beard.

Even though he did not sport any prosthesis on his face, which would have been pretty distracting, there are plenty of photos showing that he did have some device attached to his head, as you might see on someone who wears glasses or contacts.

However, this device looks more like what one might wear if they want their head shaved bald, except without any stubble left after shaving off all those hairs before applying this product onto themselves. 

This would be pretty cool because then we could get an idea about how much effort went into making sure everything looks perfect before taking pictures.

As a young man, he had a full head of hair and still does.

In the Virginian series, James Drury had a full head of hair and looked good. He is still a handsome man.

He earned the title of the star with the most hair on television.

Drury was the star of The Virginian, a long-running Western series that ran from 1962 to 1973. 

He played Matt Dillon, an Irishman who moved West in search of his wife’s family. It was a part that required him to wear long hair and be clean-shaven throughout much of the show’s run.

Drury had long flowing locks throughout his career, but he never wore a toupee, rather, he grew his hair out so that it would reach past his shoulders. 

He also dyed it red and kept things neat with occasional trims or cuts done by professionals at home when time allowed.

His full head of hair was not unusual.

James Drury had a full head of hair as a young man and still does. He was not unusual in having a full head of hair, nor was he unusual in wearing his hair onscreen. 

It’s unclear what kind of toupee he might have worn; he has been pictured with shortcuts and longer locks throughout his career.

James Drury gave up wearing a toupee sometime after 1963, the year Jurassic Park came out when he began using wigs more often than not. 

This is probably because he no longer needed to fake his baldness. He had already done so for years at this point, but maybe also because it was easier to go without one altogether if you didn’t want people asking questions about how exactly you pulled off such perfect results every day.

The Virginian’s red hair was his trademark.

His hair was dark red which set him apart from everyone else.

James Drury, who played the part of The Virginian in the television series, had a distinctive red mane that set him apart from everyone else on the show. 

He was not only the only redhead in this western TV show but also its star actor.

James Drury always wore his hair onscreen.

He never wore a toupee or any other prosthesis, and he was the star of the Virginian for 10 seasons.

As a young man, he had a full head of hair and still does.

The full head of hair allowed for some fun scenes with stunts and horses.

He could ride a horse without a helmet, which is quite impressive for someone with many injuries, including an eye injury that required him to wear a cast and later surgery on his face.

His stunt double could do everything he did because she didn’t have to worry about putting on a wig or getting it damaged by wind or rain in order to look like James Drury.

The actor gave up wearing a toupee to play the character more realistically.

Drury’s decision to give up wearing a toupee was driven by his desire to play the character more realistically. 

He wanted to be recognized as an actor in real life rather than being known for playing a character on screen. 

He also wanted to be able to move freely around the set and interact with other actors as himself, rather than having people think of him only as “that guy who plays doctor.”

He wore his hair throughout his career as an actor and never wore a toupee.

You can’t argue that James Drury was one of the most recognizable actors of his time. 

He’s known for wearing his hair throughout his career, which set him apart from everyone else. 

His hair was dark red and it added a lot to his look. The only time he ever wore a toupee was when he was forced to wear one to play Santa Claus in a movie called “A Christmas Story.”


James Drury did not wear a toupee. He wore his hair throughout his career as an actor and never wore a toupee. 

The actor gave up wearing a toupee in order to play the character more realistically.


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