How to make your bedroom more luxurious?

The bedroom is one of the most serene and peaceful places in the house. It is idolized to be a place of relaxation and unwinding, so why not make the entire experience more luxurious?

Before you start frantically looking for new beds and materials for your bedroom try incorporating and considering the below mentioned points. 

Use Wooden Bed

Placing a bed with a wooden frame can accentuate the overall richness and suave of the room. Although wooden beds are a tad too expensive and difficult to maintain, you can rent a wooden bed at a very good price from rental furniture websites.  

Add Some Rugs 

Nothing speaks luxuriant better than a well woven Persian rug. You can either opt for a traditional Persian design or an urbane jute designed rug, it also depends on your budget and the tone of your room. 

Fluff It Up

Add layers of pillows and cushions to your bed. The correct way to arrange pillows and cushions on the bed is to have the main practical pillows on the very back, followed by decorative cushions in accent colors. For example, if your pillows and bedding are off-white you can have decorative pillows in beige and neutral colors. 

Display Art 

Displaying your favorite artwork, photography or a sculpture piece can give more life to your room in a very urbane manner. This adds an element of power, beauty and self-expression. 

Throw Some Shade 

Yes, we mean throw in some literal lampshade, particularly of a neutral or cool tone and make sure the size of the lampshade is a little taller than usual. 

Have A Seat 

If you have some extra unused space in your bedroom, either near the windows or on the end of your bed, then try placing a comfortable chair or seating nook there. This way you can have someplace to sit and relax in your bedroom, other than on your bed. 

Clutter-Free Nightstand 

We know having everything on the tip of your hands, and on the nightstand is very convenient. But, a cluttered nightstand can spoil the entire aesthetic of the room. So, it is better to keep most of the items in the drawers and only keep small items on the nightstand in a cute small tray. 

Create Focus 

Your room should have a focal point, whether it be the mirror surrounded by plants or the velvet cushioned chair. Something in your room should have the wow factor, but don’t attempt to have multiple furniture and a mix of different aesthetics as this might make your room look more cluttered than luxuriant.

Place a Mirror 

Place or position a mirror on the back of your bed or near a light element to create an illusion of suave and space. Try using a mirror with either a unique finish or a quirky style, this adds more character to the room. 


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on upgrading your bedroom or replacing everything right away, it is better to opt for gradual change while sticking to the budget and renting as much as possible instead of buying. 

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