Spray Tan Shades: What Color Spray Tan should I get? Too often, people will stop what they're doing in order to get a spray tan before their party's over. It's tempting, but this isn't always the best idea. If you can spare five minutes to review the color guide for your own spray-tan color in advance before rushing to the store, you'll be rewarded by making a knowledgeable decision.

Spray Tan Shades: What Color Spray Tan should I get?

How good are you at making a decision prior to booking a spray tan? If the salon has already shared their dream spray tan look with you, chances are they might have discussed the importance of what color would suit your skin tone. Make sure to see exactly which color you’ll be getting before booking your appointment and correcting it if necessary during.

Accurately find the best spray tan color for your skin tone.

Determining the shade of fake tan for spray tanning will depend on your skin tone. There is no factor more crucial than what your skin tone is. Try not to ignore any other factors and use the bare minimum for self-care at a reasonable price level. In order to know what color you should choose, we’ve created a chart with the options based on your skin tone: For fair, medium and dark skin tones— Go with a light golden or brown-based spray tan in the beginning and see how you like it. If you want to make your complexion darker, go with violet or red tans. They’re also great for adding that super brown look to your complexion!

Tanning on Medium Skin Tone— Themed bronzed looks are ideal for medium skin tone individuals. Classic, caramel, sunset and colorless tan options can add a sense of exotic charm to one’s face if desired. Dark–To–Very Dark Tones— Just because dark skins don’t need fake tan doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful! Dark-skinned people can make their looks more defined with rich chocolate and classic golden tones. If you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to mix and match specific colors to make your look unique.

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From natural beige to soft apricot, our 12 dynamic color tones for women are created based on the skin’s undertones and undertone response

Undertones are the distinct colors that relate to all skin colorations. You’ll have cool, warm and neutral undertones. You can also explore your pigmentation, deep dive into your own unique type of skin tone and find out how bronzer colorants will enhance it with our guide to undertones.

Color Tones Transformations based on DHA

There are a variety of tanning sprays on the market that contain DHA, a derivative agent found in all of them. This natural compound isn’t only safe for children, it doesn’t require a prescription or over-the-counter either. However, the level of DHA can vary from 5%-20%. Be careful to make sure you’re purchasing what you need before buying.

Spray Tan color tones based on seasons

With seasonal-themed backgrounds, it’s easy to make a fresh start at every new season. By using seasonal backgrounds, you can create contrast and color as well as reach a wider audience. There are plenty of benefits to changing up your style with seasonal-themed backgrounds.
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Spraying Your Body to Get Normal Skin

Despite what we might like to believe, new brands of spray tanning are becoming successful. These products provide so many benefits with the spray tan that it’s no wonder more people continue to use it today. Search for a spray that can offer optional fragrance, chemical-free sprays, and an anti-aging treatment as well!

Short Answer

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I am a self-professed fan of fake spray tans. With the introduction of a variety of loud and subtle colors by the tanning industry, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect color for your skin tone and hair type. Everyone can now flaunt ’em bodies in multiple styles and colors without breaking the bank! Now if you don’t mind my opinion, as a fair- to medium-skinned person, I’d recommend the classic or mink shade with a golden glow. It gives my complexion an authentic finish; and allover spray tans are not for me. The colors make me feel like I’m heavily tanned.


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