Takt Op. Destiny Episode 4: Release Date and Time, Countdown, English Dub, Watch Online

Takt Op. The Destiny anime is finally here and it started off pretty lively and now fans are pretty excited for the next episode. So, with that being said in this article, we’re going to take a look at everything you need to know about Takt Op. Destiny Episode 4 like release date, countdown, English dub and where you can watch anime.

As you already know Takt Op. Destiny is an upcoming sci-fi anime that takes place in the near future in America that has been ravaged by extraterrestrial monsters. This is one of the most anticipated of the season as Studio MAPPA and Madhouse two of the biggest anime studios are working on it collectively.

Production is directed by Yuuki Itoh with Kiyoko Yoshimura handling the series scripts. Yoshihiro Ike is composing the music and LAM is providing the original character designs. It is part of the Multimedia project by Bandai Namo and DeNa which includes the mobile game of the same name.

The second episode was animated by MAPPA and focused more on the music side than the action side. The episode also showed us the backstory of our two main leads.

Takt Op. Destiny Episode 4 Release Date

Episode 4 Takt Op. Destiny is scheduled to premiere on September 27, 2021, at 12:00 PM JST . Moreover, this anime will air for approximately 3 months with 12 episodes. This fall, many new and old anime are coming out and keep an eye on all the new episodes coming out, we have made a release schedule for anime . So you can stay up to date with when new episodes come out.

Release Time

Now for international viewers, the latest episodes will be available at the following dates and times in these time zones:

  • Pacific Time: 9-10am
  • Middle Time: 11-12 AM
  • Eastern Time: 12-1pm
  • UK Time: 5-6pm
  • India Time: 10-11 PM

Countdown To Episode 4

Where To Watch Takt Op. Destiny Episode 4 Online?

Viewers from the United States, Canada, and Mexico can watch the new episode of Takt Op. Destiny on Crunchyroll in the original Japanese with English subtitles. Premium subscribers will be able to watch episodes on the day of Japanese release, while free users will have to wait until next week to watch premiere episodes.

at Ani-One Asia have licensed the show for their audience. The latest episodes will be available on their YouTube channel along with several subtitle options such as Chinese, Malay, Thai Indonesian and English.

Amazon Prime Video is streaming the show in Japan along with local TV networks.

How many episodes of Takt Op. Fate Will have?

The TV anime series “Takt Op. Destiny” will air from October 6, 2021 to December 22, 2021, for a total of about 12 episodes. The anime will have a new episode every Wednesday at 12:00 PM JST , you can check the schedule we’ve created above for exact episode release dates.

Note: Some episodes may be delayed for some reason or other and if that happens, we will update the schedule with new dates.

Detail Staf Anime

Directed by Yuuki Itoh
Written by Kiyoko Yoshimura
Music by Yoshihiro Ike
Studio MAPPA and the Mad House
Licensed by crispy
Original network TV Tokyo, BS TV Tokyo
english network Aniplus Asia
Original run October 6, 2021 – present
All episodes 12

Takt Op. Destiny’s English dub release date

Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation as to when the series will be available in English at the time of writing. However, considering the manga series is quite popular and everyone loves the anime, it’s relatively safe to say that the English dub for Takt Op. Destiny will be announced as soon as it is approved by the producers.

Sinopsis Spirit Chronicles

In the anime story, one day a black meteorite fell on the world, and the world completely changed. The meteorite produces a strange monster called D2, which begins to run rampant. D2 very quickly bans all music, which is the only thing that can handle it. But there are some people who reject D2. They are young women who hold the power of music, “Musicart.” These young ladies hold a “score” capable of defeating monsters. And there is also the person leading these women, the Conductor.

The anime takes place in America in the year 2047, which has collapsed thanks to D2. Takt, a Conductor, partnered with a Musicart named Unmei. Takt yeans for music to be returned to the world, and Unmei wants to destroy D2. Their goal is to travel to New York.

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