The strangest signings of Jose Mourinho

During his career, the eminent coach has won everything that is possible, having become famous not only as a good tactician, but also as a person who is always ready to invest in strengthening. This sports betting company in Tanzania allows you to bet on every single match. Today we’ve rounded up the strangest (not necessarily bad) signings of the Portuguese.

Abdul Rahman Baba

“I’m looking forward to playing with the team. Football is not the performance of one person, we have to play together,” the Ghanaian left-back said after joining Chelsea in August 2015.

“He [Mourinho] is one of the best coaches in the world and I look forward to working with him. I think he can be funny sometimes, I’ve seen that on TV, but he’s a hardworking coach and tactician.”

Rahman made 23 appearances for Chelsea, 15 in the Premier League, during his debut campaign and is still a Chelsea player seven years later but is currently on his sixth loan spell.

Tal Ben Chaim

The imposing Israeli centre-back was good at Sam Allardyce’s Bolton Wanderers, so several clubs were interested in him when his contract expired in the summer of 2007.

Mourinho’s Chelsea turned out faster than the rest, despite the fact that they already had John Terry, Ricardo Carvalho and Alex in their ranks, but Ben-Haim claims that he was promised a place at the start.

Mourinho then left Chelsea in September 2007 after a poor start to the season, embarrassing Ben-Haim. With Avram Grant, he did not work out, and the compatriot coach even fined him two weeks’ salary after the scandal.

“It was Jose who brought me here, and no one but him and me knows about his guarantee that I will not be a reserve player. With Grant, nothing shines for me.

He lasted one season at Chelsea and played only 13 matches. Was it even worth buying?

Hamit Altintop

It was a strange signing of Real Madrid, what can I say. Altintop moved on a free transfer from Bayern Munich in 2011 at the age of 28.

Considering that the Turkish international made only five appearances in one year at the club, one can conclude that it was not worth it. A strange economical decision for a club accustomed to spare no expense even for reserve players.

Mourinho signed Hamit to a four-year contract but sold him to Galatasaray just a season later.

Radamel Falcao

Once the best striker in Europe, Radamel Falcao, who was signed by Mourinho, was no longer the same. Mourinho signed a contract with the outcast Old Trafford, who could not settle down in England at all. To be fair, Mourinho saw him as a substitute. Be that as it may, Falcao scored only one goal in the championship.

Mohamed Salah

It is strange to see one of the best players on the planet in such a list. Mourinho signed for Salah in January 2014 but loaned him out and sold him almost immediately. Chelsea fans remember in horror that the Egyptian was once a player of their club, and still do not understand why the Portuguese did not believe in him.

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