Impact of Public Relations on Arts

Publicity can do miracles. Now, the artists use the power of public relations, because they know that it is the key to promote their works and become known. When we look back in history, around 100 years ago, such names as Eleneor Lambert or Andy Warhol were the first to use publicity, marketing, and PR in order to elevate their brands and make their popularity grow. They were artists at heart, but they were looking for efficient ways to captivate public attention and spread their message through their art works.

Types of Publicity: Owned, Earned, and Paid

Before you move forward, let’s answer the question “What is public relations exactly?” PR can be explained as the mix of earned, owned, and paid media. Every successful marketing campaign includes all these elements. Owned media stands for your own media channels (your site, blog, and profiles on free social media platforms). Paid media stands for paid ads you purchase for promoting your brand (banners, posters, flyers in either online or printed versions). Earned media stands for a mix of previous types. 

Public Relations: Brand’s Genuine Visibility

When we speak about artist PR, earned media is the most desirable part of public relations campaigns. It is not so easy to reach positive results fast, as you do not control it. It concerns the independent representatives of the press who talk about your art on TV, radio, social platforms, or printed magazines and newspapers. If you want to focus on your art visibility, you should dedicate a lot of time to participating in interviews dedicated to the arts, reviews of the top art exhibitions, and connecting with the most famous influencers. If you are active on Instagram, you can share stories about museums and galleries to spread your message. In the modern public relations reality, earned media depends on word of mouth. When it concerns the art, you should stay active online if you want your art to become viral. Follow all the tendencies, mention your brand, share your art works, repost other artists, and write professional artistic reviews and tips. Such free publicity is excellent, because people find it more trustworthy. If you do not have a big budget for your marketing campaign, you should focus on earned media. If you do not know how to boost your visibility, do not hesitate to hire a PR expert specializing with the arts.

The Artistic Buzz

We know that artists tend to focus only on their creative work. However, it is difficult to make your living as an artist. If you want to become successful and known globally, you won’t do without PR, which is an efficient tool in the cultural industry. A public relations expert is able to create a buzz around your artistic work. Such experts know how to spread the information about upcoming exhibitions, artistic events, press releases and collaborate with the right public who loves and understands your art. The purpose of a PR campaign is to build your artistic profile and make your name known in the artistic world. An experienced public relations agent knows what/when/how to speak to the public. PR agencies have access to a database of galleries, writers, bloggers, art journalists, publishers, influencers, etc. Professional relationships with such people will help build efficient networking.

How PR Can Help Your Artistic Career?

  • You can identify your main audience.
  • You can formulate a detailed marketing strategy.
  • Your artistic vision will be translated to the press.
  • You will boost your online visibility.
  • You can make useful contact with partners and clients.
  • You can make your brand stand out on the market.

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