Watch Boruto Episode 231 Sub Indo Anoboy and Samehadaku

Watch Boruto Episode 231 Sub Indo Anoboy and Samehadaku – Rusty Sword

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Release Schedule Realese Date Boruto Episode 231 Indo Sub

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 231, the latest indo sub entitled “Rusted Katana” itself will air or release date on Sunday, January 9, 2022. The release schedule can change at any time according to the studio’s will to publish in Japan there.

Spoiler Boruto Episode 231 Subtitle Bahasa Indonesia

It looks like Kawaki and Mozuku are still chasing Kurobane who brought the antidote from Mozuku’s teacher. There is a new fact, it turns out that Kurobane is an evil anbu from the leader of the daimyo of the land of calm seas.

In Konoha, Naruto has learned that Kurobane is after children who have become his targets. Until he ordered Konohamaru to provide a support team to help the 10 shikadai team.

Incidentally, the 7 boruto team was on a mission in the area where the shikadai team was located. There it looks like mitsuki is completing a mission to deliver cows and there is only mitsuki seen, boruto and sarada are not there.

Until Mitsuki when he was about to go home he was visited by Jonin Konoha, an order from Konohamaru to convey that Team 7 must help Team 10. Mitsuki just kept quiet while thinking to himself that Boruto’s hunch was right about the two foreign shinobi in the previous episode.

In the middle of the forest, Shikadai is carrying Chocho who is seriously injured. The two of them will return to Konoha to call for help. But when they take a break, Boruto and Sarada appear looking very happy Shikadai.

Buruto told shikadai that while on a mission he saw two foreigners chasing the shikadai team, so he handed over his mission to mitsuki, and it turned out that the two foreigners were kurobane and jujumaru.

Back to kawaki and mozuku who had caught up with the kurobane. Kawaki asked Kurobane to hand over the medicine but Kurobane refused and a battle ensued there. Kurobane issued a ninpo mugen kairo jutsu, a kind of genjutsu mist jutsu from the surrounding plants, so that kai moves didn’t work.

Everything that is hit by the Cairo mugen move will become dry because he absorbs the liquid. Kawaki and mozuku felt cornered because Kurobane hid her real body behind a tree. Kawaki realized this and used his moves and found Kurobane’s real body.

Kurobane was also hit by kawaki’s attack and fell instantly. When Kawaki was about to take the medicine, Kurobane pretended to be unconscious and attacked Kawaki with a spinning shurikan from behind.

When the shuriken was about to hit the kawaki, and the kawaki didn’t have time to dodge, the mozuku put on his body and the shuriken tore the mozuku’s body. Kawaki was very shocked and panicked to see my mosaic lying in order to save kawaki and the medicine.

Kawaki didn’t think mozuku saved him, the reason mozuku was because he believed in kawaki that he would deliver the medicine to the village of the calm sea country, kawaki was still in shock and disbelief.

Kurobane attacked Kawaki again with the rotating shuriken, and when he was about to hit Kawaki, Boruto appeared and destroyed the object with his rasengan. Kurobane panicked at seeing him and was about to run away, but shikadai immediately caught him with kagemane no jutsu.

Kurobane couldn’t move and was frightened, Kawaki who was very angry with Kurobane directly hit Kurobane many times with his monster hands until Kurobane’s body crumbled apart.

Mozuku also gave a final message to Kawaki that his teacher was waiting at the village border, and Mozuku died. Kawaki screamed hysterically at the death of Mozuku, and he would deliver the medicine which was escorted by Boruto and Shikadai.

On the way, it turns out that many shinobi daimyo are chasing them until Shikadai asks Kawaki to continue so that he and Boruto face the shinobi. Kawaki arrived at the border and there was already a bespectacled Mozuku sensei waiting anxiously.

Kawaki was about to hand over the medicine box, but a shinobi appeared who immediately ambushed the glasses sensei. The shinobi asked kawaki to hand over the box while draping a kunai around sensei’s neck, kawaki threw the box at the shinobi, when the shinobi was about to catch the box kawaki immediately killed the shinobi with his monster hand.

It turned out that the box was empty without its contents, the medicine was hidden by Kawaki in his shirt and handed over the medicine while saying that Mozuku sacrificed his life for his country. The sensei immediately burst into tears, and Kawaki also handed over the remaining mozuku money and ordered him to take the mozuku corpse in the forest.

The sensei said yes and thanked Kawaki a lot and promised to save the villagers for the sake of the mozuku who had passed away first, and the sensei left Kawaki.

Kawaki, Shikadai and Boruto went back to Konoha. In the middle of a dark forest the rain was pouring down until they were soaking wet, on the way kawaki blamed himself for the incident of the death of the mozuku.

It was all his fault for not following Shikadai’s orders, if he wasn’t selfish maybe Mozuku wouldn’t have died. Shikadai tries to reassure Kawaki that it’s not all his fault. Kawaki also calls himself unfit to be a shinobi and suddenly he faints! Boruto and shikadai panicked.

In short, Boruto’s Hokage’s office protested to Naruto that the daimyo of the land of calm seas had finally taken the drug. Naruto said that Konoha could not interfere in the affairs of other villages, and would order Konoha’s medical team instead to heal the citizens of the land of the calm sea, Boruto was happy.

At the hospital, Chocho, who is doing well, is eating and talking to Sarada. Meanwhile, Boruto and Mitsuki also visited Kawaki while bringing Kawaki’s favorite food.

After boruto and mitsuki left, kawaki then left the hospital through the window. As he was about to walk, suddenly a shikadai was leaning against a tree and asked Kawaki to come with him for a while. It turns out that Shikadai brought kewaki to the graves of the Konoha shinobi, more precisely at the grave of his grandfather, Nara Shikamaru.

There Shikadai explains the sacrifices of the shibobi who died for Konoha. Shikadai mentioned about mozuku, kawaki just kept silent. Shikadai said that kawaki should not bear the burden alone for the mozuku incident.

Shikadai as the captain of the mission should be the one in charge, he said that fellow team members should share their joys and sorrows together. Kawaki was silent, shikadai said whatever Kawaki thinks and what has happened a shinobi must keep moving forward.

Then shikadai left kawaki who was still silent pensive on the tomb of shikamaru nara. In the evening, Kawaki was standing under the statue of the Hokage’s face while watching the evening sunset. Turns out he was waiting for Naruto, and Naruto came. Kawaki told naruto that he asked for one more chance to become a shinobi.

Kawaki thought his previous mission had failed, and would do his best for this one. Naruto glared at kawaki, and said that kawaki didn’t need it because he wouldn’t get another test, Shikamaru said that.

Naruto continued, that it was kawaki’s final test. Despite Kawaki’s problems, Naruto said that Kawaki graduated and became a genin! Kawaki is shocked that he can’t believe that he is now a shibobi. And naruto said that kawaki is the type of person who cares about his friends while leaving kawaki.

But kawaki shouted to naruto, that actually what is shinobi and perhila mozuku who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country. Naruto stopped and said that kawaki would find the answer himself later and naruto again walked away.

Then kawaki looked at the village from above, saying that he didn’t want to make any more mistakes and would become stronger like naruto.

Then in episode 231, team 15 wasabi, tsubaki and namida got a mission to catch a thief who every time left a visible trail of sword marks. They thought that the thief was a samurai like Tsubaki.

Then what will happen next? Watch together Sunday afternoon here.

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