Komi-san, I have communism

Komi-san, I have communism

Name Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu
Status Ongoing (Oct 6, 2021 to?)
Studio OLM
Number of episodes Unknown
Genres  Comedy, Slice of Life, School

Table of Contents


The problem of poor relationships is difficult to solve. But the problem is not that you do not want to talk to people but that you have a hard time communicating with them.

Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi-san, the main character of the film, is the one who is facing this problem. Her beauty spread throughout the school on the first day of her schooling, as she was dazzling and had long, dark hair.
The main protagonist of the story, Hitohito Tadano, is a student who avoids problems and stays calm. The whole class was dissatisfied when a gay beauty like Komi-san sat next to him, as if the problem came from someone who wanted to avoid problems.
Gradually, Tadano learns of Komi-san’s difficult relationship problems and promises to help him make a hundred friends. Will Komi-san really make a hundred friends? Watch out every week how Tadano and Komi-san’s relationship will continue.
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