9 Benefits Of Lip Balm That Proves It’s An All-Year-Round Staple

Lip balm is one of those must-have lip products that comes in handy no matter what your situation is. It’s one of those handbag staples that can be found in each and every arm candy of yours. Lip balms don’t just serve a ‘pretty’ purpose, they’re actually functional and leave your lips feeling nourished and moisturized. Did you know that your pout is actually one of the most exposed (and most ignored) parts of your body? Especially during the cold months, your lips can lose their natural moisture and oils, resulting in a chapped pout that looks unhealthy and can be rather painful too.

Benefits of Lip Balm

Your lips are often overexposed to harsh weather conditions and chemically induced lip products. The result? Dull, chapped, and unhealthy looking lips. Scroll down to see the benefits of using our lip balm.

Our lip balm is made with natural ingredients that will hydrate and nourish your lips, giving them a healthy appearance.

Moisturises Dry Lips

One of the main reasons to use lip balm is that it helps keep your lips hydrated. If you often suffer from dry lips, you need to make sure they are always moisturized. Using a lip balm regularly can help restore your lips’ natural moisture and keep them soft and supple.

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Heals Chapped Lips

If you suffer from chapped lips, you know how painful they can be! Lip balm can help soothe and heal your lips, and prevent future chapping. Use lip balm regularly to see the best results. Your lips will be softer and smoother in no time!

Protects Against The Sun

One of the great benefits of using lip balm, especially during the summer months, is that it helps to form a protective barrier around your lips. This shield helps to keep out harmful UV rays that can cause hyperpigmentation and dryness. By applying lip balm regularly, you can help to keep your lips healthy and hydrated all summer long!


Many lip balms have exfoliating properties that can remove dead skin cells from your lips, resulting in healthier and more vibrant-looking lips.

Is An Amazing Lip Primer

Ever noticed how your lipstick sometimes just doesn’t apply smoothly? One reason that might be is because it doesn’t have a smooth canvas to go over! A very cool benefit of lip balm is that it can double as a lip primer –– this brings the best out of your lipstick and also protects your lips from any damage.

Is A Great PM Lip Mask

When you sleep, your skin works to flush out toxins and generate new skin cells. This can cause your skin to dry out a bit. The same goes for your lips! By using lip balm at night, you can protect and nourish your lips while your body works to flush out toxins and create new skin cells.

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Adds A Hint Of Colour

A lot of lip balms contain a hint of color, which can add a sheer wash of color to your lips. If lipstick isn’t your thing, then a tinted lip balm is enough to give your lips that healthy hue (while keeping them moisturized).

MyGlamm Recommended Lip Balm

You can never have too many lip balms –– and that stands true! Always look for nourishing ingredients that’ll protect your lips from damage. Lip balms often come in different hints of colours, so take your pick and make the most out of their benefits.

Manish Malhotra Rose Lip Moisturising Gel

Looking for a lip balm that is both hydrating and nourishing? Look no further than our Aloe Vera Lip Balm! Made from pure, concentrated aloe vera juice, this gel-based balm is enriched with ayurvedic ingredients like rose, beetroot, and grape seed oil. These ingredients deeply nourish dull and dehydrated lips, help replenish lost moisture, soften and soothe dry, chapped lips, brighten lips, and improve blood circulation. The formula is lightweight and quick-absorbing, so you’ll never have to worry about feeling heavy or sticky.

Nourish your lips with this luminous and creamy lip balm. Its unique formulation reacts to your pH levels and delivers a sheer wash of custom colour that is literally yours. Not to mention, it also leaves your pout super hydrated!

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