Aonatsu Line Will Release On Switch On February 24, 2022

Entergram will release the Switch version of the romantic visual novel Aonatsu Line on February 24, 2022 in Japan for 7,480 yen, the publisher announced. A 10,780 yen limited edition will also be available.

The Giga-developed game first launched for PC in March 2019, followed by PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in April 2020.

Synopsis of the game story from VNDB:

– Iklan pintar ANP –

Tatsumi and his childhood friends Miki and Chihiro talk every day about what they will be doing over the coming summer vacation. Coincidentally, they befriend the overly honest ojou-sama Yui, who transfers to their school because she admires the co-education system, as well as kouhai Kotone, who fails to form a lasting friendship after trying too hard to fit in. This new group of five (?) friends begin planning a bittersweet and memorable summer vacation that only happens once in a lifetime.

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