Dream11 APK Download | Dream11 APP APK |

Dream11 APK Download | Dream11 APP APK |

Dream11 APK Download | Dream11 APP APK | Dream11 is India’s biggest fantasy sports gaming League app that offers a fantasy sports gaming platform, allowing sports enthusiasts to connect with their favourite sport.

With more than 6 Crore active users, Dream11 has been ranked India’s no. 1 Fantasy Sports app. This makes it easy for people to come together and develop an understanding of the same interests such as stats pertaining to the Royal Challengers Bangalore team on long train journeys or during just general down time.

If a fantasy sports league app is developed and marketed to adults only (ages 18+), it can be used by users to select their own teams, and place them against other similar user-selected lineups.

The app would only give access to the same if the user proves his or her age. Users are given a chance to win cash prices if they have chosen players on their team that perform as well as expected in real life.

Dream11 is a brand new cricketing app that offers users to invite family and friends and earn rewards for inviting their network.

Moreover Dream11 APK has multi-league options on offer to the user which may choose from either grand leagues or head-to-head leagues, alongside a number of other small leagues in which they can invite their friends and play a game of cricket with each other!

The Fanata Fantasy Cricket app was first launched in 2008. The following year, it saw 1 million registered users and by 2014, there were more than 70 million fans signed up to the service.

Dream11 History

Dream11 APK supports a number of sports games such as Cricket, Basketball, Kabaddi, Football and Hockey. Each game has a different cash-pool price that pool is made up of the entry fees paid by users who would like to partake in the contest.

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If you choose your players well and they perform in their game, they get fantasy points which go toward increasing the total that your team has earned. The player who has the highest overall fantasy score wins money from the pool!

Dream11 Partnership

The company signs a four-year deal to be the official partner for the Vivo Indian Premier League (IPL). Former Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni features in their new campaign, prompting his fans to post tweets that describe how they feel like ‘Dhoni’ when it comes to being excellent at their chosen fields.

The company has recently signed a new partnership with the NBA to become their Global Marketing Partner. Earlier this year, they began working with the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) and also started sponsoring the India Hockey World Cup. They have also been an official partner of events organized by ICC since 2013.

How to Download and Set Up Dream11 App

Dream11 app is a lot like a roller coaster ride that has its ups and, well, downs. Not easy to predict when you will win, but thrilling nonetheless! The mobile application for Dream11 is available in two forms: iTunes and Google Play Store. Owning to the unique nature of the platform, there are certain restrictions with regards to the Android version.

As per the policies set forth by Google, any gaming site offering cash prizes is not permitted to be listed within the Play Store; however, if people wish to download it, they can follow these steps.

Option 1: There are a few ways to download Dream11.

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First, users can enter their phone numbers on the Dream11 official website to receive a download link via SMS. If the SMS is received, the user has direct access to the download link and can proceed with the installation.

Option 2 : The other way is not so reliable. Missing an important call may come in handy sometimes, so missing a call might be considered on purpose sometime in order to receive a missed call notification with a download URL on it as well as an option for one to click it and arrive at Dream11’s Google Play store page.

Option3: Users can follow option 1 first to try and see if that will resolve the issue. If not then option 2 can be followed. Option 2 is to allow installation from “sources outside of Play Store”.

This can be done by going into Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources setting/checkmark/tick or setting/radio button. Once enabled, search for Dream11 file on the play store again but this time click on ‘install’.

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