A Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Views

You’ve been posting videos to the YouTube channel. It’s related to YouTube views. In the past, you’ve not been following the metrics. However, you’re committed to growing the reach of your YouTube channel, making the most of the platform, or generating sales. It’s an ideal time to get a greater knowledge of YouTube functions.

YouTube does not count a view when:

  • The user clicks on the video in the hope of watching it,
  • The viewer watches the film for a minimum of 30 minutes. If a viewer cannot watch the video but remains on it for more than 30 seconds, it still counts as being a view.

Experts aren’t sure what constitutes the number of views for videos shorter than 30 seconds. The 30-second limit on watch time can only help YouTube determine whether a particular video is worthy of being monetized. Videos with a shorter duration than 30 seconds are typically not considered monetized.

How does YouTube track views?

If you are looking to gauge the performance of your channel based on the number of views your videos receive, It will be helpful to know what YouTube defines as views. In the past, YouTube would count each time an uploaded video as an actual view. It didn’t take long to understand that users would keep reloading the page with their videos to build the view count artificially. Because YouTube showcases popular videos on its homepage, users could manipulate the system to rank higher.

If the view count is less than 300, that exact loading system is used and is not affecting YouTube’s website. If the view count is greater than 300 views, YouTube can stop views until they can prove at the back end that the views are genuine. This is done to stop the overcrowding of users’ home pages. YouTube is determined to provide users with the most reliable and authentically well-known results. Videos with bots or viewers who view most of their views are viewed by the same computer have fudged their popularity, which YouTube actively opposes.

YouTube is more intelligent than watching bots.

YouTube analyzes the behavior of its users. Suppose it observes a user moving from one video to the next every 30 seconds without any logical or real-world pattern. In that case, it’ll conclude the user is an automated system and stop counting views from the user. Similar to that, YouTube does not count users’ views who post infuriating comments within videos. So, while buying views, keep in mind to buy YouTube views from reliable websites that provide views from genuine and active users.

Why are views important?

It is important to remember that YouTube’s algorithm is based on watch time, not just views, to make money. The importance of likes isn’t as much also. The video’s popularity is not the only factor. Or not, YouTube looks at how long the viewer stays. To achieve that time, you need to achieve those views. It’s, therefore, a good decision to prioritize views above likes. In the following sections, we’ll examine strategies to help YouTube creators to boost their views.

Views depend on the content released. 

Viewers are now able to recognize poor-quality content. Quality is not only determined by the quality of the videos you upload but also by the authenticity they reveal. Gary Vaynerchuk, the social media entrepreneur, began his YouTube channel in which he posted videos from his mobile camera of him tasting wines. People love his unique perspective, so they stay to see the videos, regardless of the quality of the content. Then, Vaynerchuk got better equipment and started making smoother videos.

Where can you find ideas for creating great content? The majority of YouTube creators will share the same things. They seek out their audience. asking your audience what they would like to see and providing them something valuable for their time. This is the first step to getting additional views.

Converting your viewers into subscribers

Take care of your existing customers while you build your customer base. It’s the most important advice for businesses to ensure good growth. This is the same for YouTube. Inviting your viewers to sign up to your channel will allow you the opportunity to notify them each time the latest video is released. This will result in more views.

How do you convince viewers to join? Most successful YouTube creators employ the strategy to ask viewers to subscribe at the beginning and the end of every video.

Create a playlist

According to the data of YouTube, The top-performing companies on the platform create and promote playlists twice more as the lowest 25 percent. Playlists are effective because they reduce the viewer’s decision-making process of what they want to see next. Combining similar toned videos in a single playlist can benefit auto-play as well as there is a fascinating cognitive bias in work referred to as “loss aversion.”

The theory behind loss aversion states that people worry about losing something twice as much as they fear the satisfaction they get from gaining something. When applied to YouTube videos, autoplay makes viewers feel dreadful about missing the chance to see every video. They opt to watch the video.

Use end screens and cards to advertise other videos

Screens that end in the final seconds of the movie may be used to direct viewers by a clickable call-to-action. Users can be redirected to a different video, your site, or social media pages. Cards are pop-ups that appear in a video to redirect viewers to a different playlist or video. Cards are also utilized to collect information from viewers using a questionnaire format to determine what they’d like to be watching the next time.

You can enable embedding in your videos.

Then, now you have fantastic content and actual YouTube subscribers for your YouTube channel. Let’s say that you received comments from subscribers saying that they attempted to post your video on their site or blog, but they were unable to do it. Why is that? Because you might have forgotten to have your videos embedding-friendly.

Enabling embedding allows you to increase the chances of reaching out to new audiences. If a subscriber shares the content on their site or blog, they’ll usually add the embedding code to the page. If they then share the content with their followers, they could create the most recent group of subscribers to the YouTube channel.

Foster a community

YouTube isn’t only about publishing content. It’s a good platform for creators who treat it like an online social network. Creators who reply to comments create a more recognizable image with their subscribers. It can take only a few minutes each day and can be combined with scrolling through the comments to look for fresh content ideas.

Creators must also be actively involved in their particular niche. Keep track of other YouTube channels related to your field. Engage with them by leaving comments in their video. Encourage them to promote their content with a lot of enthusiasm, and it can earn you Watch Time credits that boost your channel’s rank within your position in the YouTube algorithm.

Search engine optimization for your videos

YouTube is, at its heart, an online search engine that offers many opportunities for optimization that can be achieved. SEO (search engine optimization) (SEO) refers to creating content like videos’ tags, titles, descriptions, etc., to improve the organic visibility of the search engines. YouTube, like Google, takes into account multiple elements of your video to determine whether it should show it in specific results.

The legendary Copywriter David Ogilvy wrote that when the headline of an advertisement is created, the headline will cost eighty cents from the $1 have been used. This speaks to the importance of having an attractive headline. Be sure to optimize your video’s title.

Make your thumbnails more lively.

You can select an image thumbnail from the auto-generated choices when uploading your video. We recommend against using that option. Instead, you should create your thumbnail to attract viewers. YouTube says that 90% of most prominent YouTube creators choose to create their thumbnails rather than using any auto-generated alternatives.

The thumbnails you create require a lot of imagination; however, a striking thumbnail will make you make your mark. Use vibrant colors, a human face, subtle branding, or text-overlay overlays. Examine the technical aspects of YouTube thumbnails. YouTube thumbnail also, and make sure that they are precise.


Make videos available at the correct time.

What’s the ideal time? It’s when your viewers are the most inclined to view videos. YouTube provides data on when you and your followers watch videos. Go through the “When your viewers are on YouTube” report. You’ll be able to find out the most important times that your viewers are on the internet. Then, you can plan content up to an hour before those peak times. The channel should allow you to open the report through the Analytics section on the channel’s home page.


Now you can kick start your YouTube channel.

This article should have inspired you to think of ways to increase views for the YouTube channel. It’s all about how authentic your content is and the degree of engagement with viewers and your community. Optimizing your channel by using the platform to its maximum can help you in the technical aspects that are part of this YouTube world.

The audience has the power to either destroy or make a difference in your channel, and you must respect the community. The fact that it’s virtual doesn’t mean that all the work you post online doesn’t have any weight. Make sure to treat your online followers as a community with respect, and you’ll reap the rewards.


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