5 Anything – The First 5 (not super known) Animes I Watched

The name of the box is 5 Anything, it’s not possible to give an idea of ​​greater randomness and be more random than this article, right? So here I will tell you which were the first five animes I (Natalia) saw in life in the exact order;

*List not considering animes that everyone knows before knowing the existence of the word anime. Ex: Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, YuYu Hakusho, Inuyasha…

01. Love Hina Perhaps the father anime of mostexisting Deres and also of Harem, this was the first anime I’ve seen in my life since I discovered the word “anime”! Interestingly, I watched Love Hina without ever having seen Naruto. Another curiosity that years later I pointed this out to the other author of the blog and he saw it (continuing reading you’ll find out why this is curious) 02. Mirai Nikki By indication of the other author of Animes Tebane, Jhonatan, who at the time was a little further ahead of me in the anime world (but not by much). Interesting that this anime was also the first lesser known that my mother saw 03. Ao no Exorcist

Another nomination from Jhonatan. He actually did several in a row and I watched (which proves that you don’t need to give up recommending anime and series to that friend who just screw you, but if he accepts, you could end up getting married, so be careful)

04. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Yet another Jhonatan nomination, but this was the first anime we saw together, he having seen 5 or 6 episodes and stopping to nominate me and we ended up watching the beginning together. Little did we know that we would see more than one hundred and fifty anime together after that! It might be considered half known, but it was a milestone for me because of that and that’s why I put it on the list. 05. Jigoku Shoujo

I remember well that Jhonatan and I wanted something to see, we had seen the Jigoku Shoujo synopsis many times and for some reason it didn’t catch our attention, until one day we were in the throes of terror and, with a totally wrong idea of ​​the work, we took it to see. Even though it wasn’t what we expected, we loved it.

I want to see if I’m an Otaku who started like everyone else… What were the first animes you watched in your life when you already knew it was called anime?

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