BAND-MAID Will Release Opening Song For Anime “Platinum End” Entitled “Sense”

BAND-MAID , a hardrock band in maid costumes has released a new song titled “ Nalar ” in live broadcast [ Live Streaming ] and CD per day on October 27, 2021 at midnight [Japan Time]. And at the same time, the music video for the song will also be released.

Reason ” is the opening theme for the animated television series “ Platinum End ” and has attracted a lot of attention since its inception. In the music video that will be released at once, you can not only enjoy the intense performance of BAND-MAID but also the red and white light shining from the members, you will also see white feathers flying, which is to your liking. with the state of the world in the film ” Platinum End ” NS.

In addition, to commemorate the launch of the BAND-MAID CD ” Nalar ” said, promo posters campaigning for CD purchases and playing live songs have also been installed. In fact, several campaigns also involve fans from abroad so that Master and female fans (as BAND-MAID fans) from all over the world can enjoy it.

– Iklan pintar ANP –

BAND-MAID became known through the movie “KATE”, where the members played their own characters, and has now become a hot topic of conversation around the world, plus the film is number one on Netflix (according to on September 11, 2021). The existence of BAND-MAID is increasingly unstoppable to conquer the world.

Information about the broadcast of the animated series ” Platinum Edge
A total of 24 episodes distributed evenly over 6 months starting October 2021.

Introduction to the anime series ” Platinum Edge”

I will give you hope to live .”
Mirai Kakehashi, lost her family in an accident and she has a bad relationship with her friends. This boy, in a state of depression, decided to end his life by jumping off the top of a building on his high school graduation day. But suddenly he meets an angel and then…

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Information about the Anime series ” Platinum Edge”

Info Produk BAND-MAID “Sense”

  • First & Limited Release: anime design wrap sticker/label
    • The design is related to the opening theme song “SENSE” by BAND-MAID and the ending theme song “Koufukuron” by Miyashita Yuu.
    • Prices and contents are not binding and are subject to change at any time.
  • RELEASE : December 27, 2021
  • Single Baru “Rasa”

Limited release first edition [CD+Blu-ray]

  • PCCA-06076 / JPY 3,410 (Including Tax)
  • Digipak (may change at any time)

Limited Edition First Release [CD+DVD]

  • PCCA-06077 / JPY 2,310 (Including Tax)
  • With extra case/box (Optional/Unbound)


  • PCCA-06078 / JPY 1.320 (Including Tax)
  • First & Limited Release: anime design wrap sticker/label
    • The design is related to the opening theme song “SENSE” by BAND-MAID and the ending theme song “Koufukuron” by Miyashita Yuu.


  1. Track 1: Race
  2. Trek 2: Hibana
  3. Trek 3: Corallium

[Bluray/DVD] * For the first release only”

6 BAND-MAID songs “HARI PEMBANTU” (May 10, 2021)

  1. I’m Still Looking For Revenge.
  2. Youngsters
  3. Why why why
  4. HGK
  6. Honkai (HONKAI) -Ambisi

Prices and contents are subject to change without notice


International customers will get exclusive bonuses with purchases through the official website. The bonus is very limited so it is recommended to order in advance while supplies last.

* Please note! , the impact of COVID 19 will have an impact on delays or unilateral rejections in some countries. Please have a look and visit the site below for International shipping. Shipping prices depend on each region.

The history of the formation of BAND-MAID

Ribbon Hardrock Unreasonable maid costume

5 personnel, all personnel are women and formed in 2013. But don’t underestimate their appearance. The five personnel in the Maid costumes are great musicians and they write their own songs.

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They are able to play musical instruments with loud beats, shrill guitar sounds, powerful drum beats and beautiful strings that captivate audiences even around the world. The level of reaction and appreciation on their Youtube Channel comes from rock and metal fans from all over the world. Both from connoisseurs and musicians.They have performed at many music festivals in Japan and have toured the US, UK and many places in Europe.

Their sales record often reaches Sold out. In 2019 they announced that they would be taking part in the Live Nation and United Talent Agency Tour , followed by the release of the single “ Conqueror ”, then in 2020, world legend producer Tony Visconti gave his appreciation and also helped promote the release of the single “ The Invisible World” , and finally in 2021 we will see their acting debut appearance through the film ” KATE ” produced by Netflix. From here they will continue to try to enter the global international level.

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