Boruto Episode 135 English – The Final Battle !

Blogger Pesawaran – Finally the Boruto episode has reached its end ! This episode is the last episode of Boruto and his friends against Urashiki in this episode back in time. As we know, in episode 134 yesterday Urashiki was defeated by Naruto’s rasengan, is it true? Let’s talk about it first.

Preview and Leaks of Boruto Episode 135

However, it turns out that in the Boruto 135 video footage, Urashiki is not dead. Now his eyes turned back to be more sinister than before! He looked very angry, as a result Naruto was very surprised when he saw Urashiki get up.

While Sasuke was still being treated by Sakura, Sasuke also seemed to be awake. Likewise with Jiraya, Jiraya looks very shocked to see Urashiki’s new power which has become stronger than before.

Urashiki Has New Eyes

Urashiki’s eyes look different from before, now his light eyes have turned yellowish like those of Naruto’s Sage mode and Kyuubi. What power do you think Urashiki still has with his new eyes?

Jiraya, Naruto and Boruto, So Surprised
I don’t know what possessed Urashiki that made Jiraya, Naruto, and Boruto so shocked that their eyes all bulged with fear. Is Jiraya really unable to fight Urashiki? Is this the end of Naruto? Did Urashiki manage to take the kyuubi chakra?

Sasuke is still under treatment

Sasuke is still under Sakura’s care, it can be seen from Sakura who points her hand with her medical chakra to Sasuke’s stomach. Sasuke woke up from his stupor and saw Sakura, what do you think happened? Did Sasuke say that he was her future husband? Or will Sasuke head straight for the battle to help Jiraya and company?

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We will find all the answers above next week, hopefully episode 135 We all Naruto and Boruto fans are presented with an epic battle. We ourselves know that many have protested with the previous Boruto episode which had a lot of bugs in the depiction and different jutsu effects from the Naruto anime made by Masashi Kishimoto.

But in my personal opinion, I am very satisfied with the work of the animator Boruto, although not as good as Masashi Kishimoto. But at least I can watch little Naruto, and my favorite character Jiraya is coming back to life.

Alright, that’s the review of Boruto Episode 135 in Indonesian – The Final Battle! We will see the original episode next week, download link will be available next week. Thank you, don’t forget to come back here on Sunday.

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