Top 5 Agatha Christie Movies You Should Watch

Top 5 Agatha Christie Movies You Should Watch

Many of us have an Agatha Christie self that continuously turns us critical of things in life. 

Whenever you call Agatha Christie, you immediately think of brainstorming mystery. The stories are so engaging that directors from different parts of the world make adaptations of the stories. 

Who is not an Agatha Christie fan?

Whenever you read it, you end up with all the senses alive! You get extra cautious. 

Have you read them all? Unfortunately, there are many volumes, and it is difficult to finish. 

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You might trace a difficult perspective on them because movies are way too difficult compared to books. So let’s start the discussion here.

Best Adaptations Of Agatha Christie Stores

There are many ways through which directors view certain stories from Agatha Christie. 

They took to stories and made films on them. Let’s find the greatest movie adaptation from the stories of Agatha Christie.

1. And Then There Are None (1945)

Christie’s 1939 Nobel ranks as one of the best-selling so far as literary history is concerned. 

The storyline shows how eight friends were summoned to an island off the coast of Devos. 

There comes a mysterious gramophone that accuses each of the people of murder charges. 

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One by one, they start to drop like that of the characters in the Ten Little Indian. Can they be able to identify the actual killer?

This is all discussed throughout the story. The plot is quite intriguing and creates an element of question among the viewers.

2. Witness for Prosecution (1957)

Wit and suspense over the entire movie from the first till the last. Directed by Billy Wilder. The plot hovers around a murder of a wealthy old widow.

The creamiest part of the movie is the tussle of proofs and logic between the defense lawyer and the appellant.

There the defense lawyer convinces Vole’s wife, Christin to provide an alibi and testify on his behalf.

But the German wife unfurls legal loopholes, that is, things that didn’t go as planned. Quite a biting, complex and interesting story but keeps the spinal cord of the audience extremely tight and active.

The film was such a quality that it earned six Oscar nominations. Even the AFI ranked it sixth among the best dramas in the history of movies. 

3. Death On The Nile (2022) 

This is a Hercule Poirot story where there were multiple suspects. But the entire story revolves around one of the female characters, who was made the main suspect.

The characters in the story were designed in such a manner that nobody liked her, even the audience. But, is she the killer? That is the real quetsion!

So you will really like this approach where the entire camera and focus are on such a person, who is not the perpetrator and the audience is completely engaged, keeping completely detached from the fact.

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4. Witness For The Prosecution (1957)

We all, even you, know that Agatha twists her story to her needs. The story revolves around the death of an old woman. The charge was made against an individual.

The processing takes place in the direction that proves the innocence of the person at the end. The story, though twisted, is full of mystery. 

5. Murder, She Said (1961)

Sometimes detective movies become so intense that the audience gets extra stressed, and they lose track.

Under the situation, he/ she gets out of the movie driven by extreme fear and tension. But believe us, not with this one. 

This is a series of four films. This Dame Margaret Rutherford-starred (as Miss Jane Marple) movie will force you to stick to your comfortable couch. 

Nail-biting tension and suspense are counterbalanced using light comedy, which is the USP of the movies

Miss Marple, in the film, is the sole witness of a murder carried out inside the train. 

However, she has her own permutations and combinations going on. 

And the worms to solve the mystery make her take a job as a housekeeper to search for a clue and unfold the murder mystery.


The films that are mentioned in the list follow religiously the traits that you get from Agatha Christie’s stories.

These movies are highly interesting and will force you to sit at the edge of your seats. 

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