Download and Watch Streaming Boruto Episode 235 Indonesian Subtitle

Download and Watch Streaming Boruto Episode 235 Indonesian Subtitle

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Boruto Anime Video Release Schedule Episode 235 Indo Sub

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 235 latest sub indo entitled “Infiltrate Dotou Island!” It will be broadcast or release date on Sunday, February 6, 2022. The release schedule can change at any time according to the will of the studio published in Japan there.

Boruto Storyline Episode 235 Indonesian Subtitle

Mizukage told everyone to stay away from the riots that occurred at the shinonome inauguration ceremony. Boruto, who is still in prison with Kagura, is shocked by the incident that occurred in the village, Kagura orders his subordinates to call a fast train for Boruto to return to the village.
However, the prison connection to the village was cut off and it turned out that the prison was also attacked by Isari Funato. Kagura finally asked for Boruto’s help to help him defeat the funato because of the lack of people, finally Boruto wanted to help Kagura.
The funato had entered block 7 and faced three wardens there, oh yeah, the funato who attacked the prison were three people. Isari easily defeats the three guards with her water prison technique, after which the funato uses his water skills to track down the whereabouts of araumi funato.
The prisoners who saw puddles of water passing in their cells panicked for fear of something happening and shouted at the warden. But not with the other three prisoners they look calm they are prisoners for the 7 new legendary sword incident led by Shizuma Hoshigaki last time, namely

Buntan Kurosuki, Hebiichigo, Kyoho Fuefuki.

Kagura and Boruto had arrived at block 7 and saw the three guards who were shackled to the water prison, Kagura asked Boruto not to approach the water move because it could be sucked into it too. then kagura used her sword technique to slash the water jutsu and managed to free the three guards and asked who infiltrated and the warden answered the funato clan, kagura was shocked and angry.

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Then Boruto asks Kagura who is the Funato clan? Kagura explains that the funato clan is a remnant of the Kirigakure pirates who move in the shadows, and they infiltrated the prison to free their leader who had been in prison for 5 years, namely araumi funato.

Boruto suspects that the attack on the village is just a diversion, and their target is actually the prison, Kagura thinks so. In the village, Mizukage Chojuro asked no one to leave the village until the investigation into the hot air balloon incident was completed because he suspected that one of the people there was the intruder. Meanwhile Katasuke and Sarada can’t communicate with Boruto yet.

In Araumi Funato’s special cell, there are two guards guarding him and they both hear strange noises around the cell and become paralyzed. One of the guards was eaten by Isari’s bone sword and the other warden was confused because his friend had disappeared. Then Isari and her two companions entered the Araumi cell,

Isari immediately beat the warden who was confused, then Isari approached Araumi who was hanging dry and said if we were to free you father, it turns out that Araumi is Isari’s father. After freeing Araumi’s shackles, Isari carried Araumi’s dry body and one of the funato was about to bring her water but Isari refused and said that the human body is 60% water while looking at the warden who was scared.

It was terrible, the warden’s body was absorbed by araumi until it became dry and now araumi funato is fresh again, his body is now as muscular as before. Then Isari asked Araumi to hurry because their clan was waiting to return to the open sea, they left the cell.

When they came out, Kagura and Boruto were already blocking them, there was a fight there. Kagura and Boruto attacked Isari and Kagura caught Isari’s sword but it turned out that Isari’s sword came alive. Of course Kagura and Boruto were surprised, then Boruto took out the rasengan and pointed it at the mouth of the sword, Isari was surprised to see Boruto’s rasengan but a strange thing happened, the sword absorbed Boruto’s rasengan like Killer Be’s or Kisame’s Samehada sword.

The sword is getting crazier because it can fly on its own and attack boruto and kagura, kagura then uses a clear mirror shield from water. However, Isari easily destroys the shield with her water technique, which is a water explosion technique, Boruto and Kagura are blown away by that move.

Then Araumi asks Isari to leave Boruto and Kagura because they are not comparable to them. They went to an underground cave connected to the ocean, there was already another funato who picked them up, suddenly the isari sword came back to life and seemed to communicate with the sword isari saying that boruto’s chakra was very tasty.

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The chaos is getting worse because the Funato clan has now appeared and attacked all the islands in Kirigakure from Oshima to the east island which have been controlled by the Funato clan. Even Kirigakure’s front row headquarters were attacked by the funato pirates, it was very weak for Kirigakure shinobi to lose to pirates wkwkwk.

Finally Boruto and Kagura returned to the village, Boruto was immediately approached by Sarada and Kawaki, Boruto asked for Katasuke’s whereabouts. Sarada sensei said that Katasuke was only slightly injured and was being treated by the Kirigakure medical team. Boruto tells sarada and kawaki that the attack on the village is just a diversion, sarada and kawaki are shocked.

At the Mizukage’s office, Chojuro received a report from the two Kirigakure jonin that Araumi had escaped from prison and this was the work of the Funato Pirate Clan. Also they have found the drowned body of the governor, the governor was allegedly in cahoots with the funato clan and knew about this attack, but because this governor was greedy he was killed by isari, you can see at the beginning of the scene in episode 234.

Mitsuki who had returned from looking for information regrouped with Team 7 who was already there, Mitsuki said that the East Sea Front Line headquarters had been taken over by pirates. Of course it made Boruto panic and said that in the East Sea there was a team of 5 Denki and Katasuke’s subordinates who were on a mission there, Kagura who was talking to Mizukage’s assistant heard Boruto’s rather loud words.

Because the communication was completely dead they couldn’t contact Dotou Island where there was a team of 5 and researchers there, and Boruto said that we had to go there. Sarada explains that Kirigakure is now set in a state of emergency in which foreigners are not allowed to enter and leave the country of Kirigakure.

Kagura who heard it immediately approached them and said that he had a plan for it. Kagura then visited the Mizukage’s office and met face to face with Chojuro the 6th Mizukage Kirigakugure, Kagura has now changed clothes and Kirigakure’s headband he asked Chojuro’s permission to help the Boruto team enter Dotou Island.

Chojuro agreed and gave the sword hiramikarei to kagura because
kagura would need it and also kagura was more adept at using hiramekarei than himself. Chojuro said if he didn’t go alone to Dotou Island and had to bring help from Kirigakure, Kagura said if he had thought about who the people who could help him were, who would they be?

At the pier, boruto says to the boat owner will they be okay on the old boat? boat owners who are a bit drunk say that they will be safe and fine, the speed of the boat can also be guaranteed. He also said that many times he was able to escape from the group of pirates, boruto, sarada, and mistuki looked unsure of the old geezer’s words especially kawaki who didn’t want to get on the old ship while sitting away from them.

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Kawaki’s words made the old geezer angry and don’t underestimate his magnificent handiwork, boruto grumbled that it wasn’t grand and just an old ship. Sarada and Mitsuki could only surrender because there was only that ship at this time that could take them to Dotou Island.

Then the old grandfather of the boat owner asked what about the wages? Because he also needs money, Boruto says don’t worry, Konoha will pay for it later. Boruto says why Kagura and his new subordinates haven’t arrived for so long even though it’s already approaching sunset.
After saying that, from afar it looks like Kagura is coming with her three new subordinates, after getting closer and closer, Boruto Sarada and Mitsuki are shocked! Because it turns out that Kagura’s new subordinates are Buntan, Hebiichigo, and Kyoho who were previously in prison for the 7 sword riot case last time.
Boruto says is Kagura sure to bring the three of them? Kagura is very sure because the three of them are very skilled and have secret information that people don’t know. Sarada says that this is very dangerous considering they used to be ex-traitors, but Kagura says that this is not the time to argue.
Kagura added that if the boruto team wanted to move freely in kirigakure they had to be part of the kagura team and that was the condition. Then Buntan Hebiichigo and Kyoho taunted the Boruto team to accept them, plus the ship owner ordered them to board quickly otherwise the rent would be increased, so the Boruto team couldn’t help but accept Kagura’s decision.
After the ship was running in the middle of the sea, Kawaki looked rebellious and didn’t want to get on the ship because he was still traumatized by the ship and had to be held by Sarada and Mitsuki so as not to jump from the ship. Boruto is seen chatting with Kagura, and Kagura is very happy if Boruto understands this with a smile and Boruto is a bit confused about what Kagura means, their journey begins.
In the middle of the sea, Kagura warned them all to always be vigilant because the Funato clan pirates could be in the waters, Buntan asked Kagura if she could kill if she met the enemy later? as well as hebiichigo who can’t wait to kill too, the boruto team who hears it a bit amused because their nature has not changed even in prison.

Then what will happen next? Watch together Sunday afternoon here.

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