5 Animes that Break the Patterns of Their Theme or Genre

Anyone who has seen many animes, when looking at a proposal or even an anime genre, can already imagine what will happen, how such a character will be or behave, but there are animes that ignore these patterns totally and decide to renew without losing their quality, and it’s a short list containing some of these animes that I’m going to show you today!

01. Pray Monogatari

Genre: Novel
Episodes: 24
Upon seeing the first images of this anime, one imagines that the romance to emerge is between the cute girl and the typical handsome young man, whose friend (and perhaps candle holder) is the huge young man who looks more like a thirty-year-old adult. older than a high schooler, but you are sadly mistaken to have that impression!
In Ore Monogatari the candle holder is Makoto, the ordinary looking young man who is popular with the girls, as the romance is between Takeo (the giant) and the girl Rinko.
But no, this is not one of those anime that can be classified as bizarre and that’s it, it takes romance very seriously and a bit of jokes about how Takeo looks compared to his girlfriend, Rinko. Spoiler? No. In addition to this break in character design standards, this novel is distinguished by the fact that the protagonist couple forms very early and the plot is molded into their routine as a couple in the company of Makoto’s candle as a long-time friend of Takeo’s.
Genre: Novel
– Male protagonist of the novel looks like a wardrobe
– Couple formed early

02. Kuroshitsuji

Genre: Suspense and Fantasy
Episodes: 24 + 12*
*As I said in the unspoiled informal review article about this anime, season two is something I pretend doesn’t exist and it doesn’t matter whether it’s watched or not.
The work, set in the Victorian Era, has as its protagonist Ciel, who is 13 years old, and who made a pact with a demon named Sebastian for the creature to protect him and help him in a revenge he plans to carry out against a certain group of people responsible for serious acts against him in the past. Sebastian takes the position of his butler, obeying him without interfering, but with the agreement already clear that when Ciel completes his revenge, Sebastian will take his soul to himself.
Looking at it this way, despite certain very dark elements in this premise, what comes to mind is a list of animes where a supposedly evil and cold creature promises to cooperate with the protagonist saying that one day he will kill him, but that he ends up getting attached and never live up to what you say, acting as a royal protector, someone who cares (Natsume Yuujinchou and Ushio to Tora are just two examples)…
And therein lies Kuroshitsuji’s difference, Sebastian is a demon with countless centuries of life, and Ciel is neither the first nor the tenth person who has ever made this kind of deal with him, so Sebastian will only do what he was ordered to do and, as a worthy demon, he is truly cold and cruel, not going to fall for that. old story of getting attached to the protagonist,but keep pretending that you still want to kill him somehow (which isn’t all that different from being tsundere).
Genre: Suspense, Fantasy
 Be supernatural close to the protagonist, but who won’t fall into the cliché of clinging and pretending not to care about his life at the same time;
– A very dark work;
– Final closed in the first season, making the second one obsolete.
03. School Days
Genre: Romance, horror
Episodes: 12

This anime has its origins in a visual novel, that is, a game based on texts, and when adapting it, the production chose a route not typical of the possibilities of the relationship game. So, this is a beautiful anime that takes the cliché of the generic protagonist, but which for some reason all the girls are interested in, and rips it all apart, spitting and stabbing it in the belly as a toast.

There’s no more that I can talk about without giving spoilers, however the fact that there are two practically opposite genres above, which is romance and horror together, says a lot. This is a much hated work because of that, but for me, who don’t like this pattern of romance animes, especially when they have harem elements, it was something liberating, to show what would actually happen if we had an “undecided” protagonist. “, as in most works of the theme out there.
Genre: Romance and Horror
 Wasn’t the fact of being horror in the genre enough? Should I emphasize what I said about being based on a visual novel and the producers choosing to animate one of the possible bad routes?

04. Subete ga F ni Naru

Genre: Mystery
Episodes: 12
I’ve come across a lot of anime classified as “mystery”, but I’ve never found anything at the level of Subete ga F ni Naru, which makes your mind fry trying to understand the super well-armed plot (which means it’s a terrible anime for who just likes to sit and watch something super expository without having to think)
Usually mystery animes follow some kind of investigator who sees several cases, whether serious, involving crimes, or light and everyday cases (I’m talking about Hyouka with that statement), but this anime focused on the 12 episodes it had in a mystery unique and supreme, not sparing their neurons to try to understand it and not frying when the questions are answered.
Genre: Mystery
 Investigation anime focused on a single and complex mystery;
– Minimal ease for the viewer, which makes it dull and difficult to understand for those who don’t like having to use concentration all the time when watching an anime.

05. Dr. Stone

Genre: Adventure and Action
Episodes: 12 (and second season confirmed)
What could be a typical shounen, but actually turns out to be a beautiful science anime! The basic plot is that on an average day, a light covered the entire planet Earth and turned all humans into stone statues, but after nearly three thousand years, a young high school girl with a genius intellect managed to break through the rocky shell and, having knowledge that even seems to be unlimited, he decided to start rebuilding society from the beginnings of the tools of the Age of Caverns to complex technologies such as antibiotics, cell phones and space rockets.
To begin with, Senku discovers a simple but time-consuming formula that can remove petrification from people and uses it on a close friend of his in order to get help with matters that require brute force. Of course some of the things shown are a certain poetic license in science, and that’s what most critics of this anime use argument, but if so, 98% of animes that are not merely everyday should be criticized as bad too.
Dr Stone is a distinguished shounen where instead of combat, we will learn in detail from the very beginning how natural materials can be manipulated to lead to a complex technological world as it was before global petrification.
Genre: Adventure and Action
 Shounen on science, that is, focused on scientific formulas and methods to obtain new materials and reach technologies that for us today are the most basic things in the world.
These are just five of the many animes that we have out there that are within a genre or even a basic proposal, but that leave the house and go much further, deviating from clichés and bringing unique experiences!
Do you know any anime that I didn’t say? Feel free to comment!
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